I’m doing very well thanks to you! Your book and TV broadcast I saw in September has changed my life! I have been telling everyone about you and this book. For 34 years I have been searching for answers that you’ve made clear. Thanks again to both of you!
-Fred P.

Wow, I read the book cover to cover and then read it again the book makes so much sense. And really is inline (in most areas) of how we live our lives today. The only complete blind spot I had was the shift between believing we are “home owners” to realizing that we are “mortgage owners”. Really excited about the prospect of owning our home outright and accelerating our savings & investment plans. I’m going to re-read the book as there is a lot to absorb.

-Amber B.

Hi Jeff, My husband got a copy of your book. LOVED IT! We have always tried to be good stewards of our finances and your book has helped us with the vision for the last part of the equation. We wish we knew of IBC years ago! We are just starting a new venture. We will be using the principles you suggest to help make this new venture all that God has planned! I will be letting others know of your God given wisdom.

-Denise V.

I am not finished with your book yet., but so far the book moved me to give every pay check to God again, to help others , which I love to do! I did learn to give to myself which I never did before. I would love to hear you and your wife and would invite others to come hear you speak.

-Kathy B.

Read your book in one sitting – I had borrowed it from my brother – Dwight – Roc church Columbus – had many great ideas and info I will have to get the book and re-read on vacation .


Hi Jeff, I am retired and after reading your book, I would like to teach my grandchildren the principles in the book. While I wish I knew and had applied the principles earlier in my own life, I am excited with the prospects of helping others. I am thinking about purchasing several small IBC’s for each of my grandchildren and using them to teach the IBC concept. Thank you!

-Michael S.

I just read your book, and it is excellent. It helps broaden the horizon of those who have drank the financial Kool-Aide pushed by Dave Ramsey, and Crown Ministries, and even Suzy Orman. Maybe people will finally be able to reach Financial Peace. Good Job!!

Eberhard S.

Thank you so much for your book. I have told so many people about the book. I know it will change many lives. Both my grand-daughters are reading it, which is a miracle in itself, and they have been asking me questions. That has just floored me. Again, thank you so much.

- Sandy H.

Hello Jeff, I would like to order a copy of your book for my good friend Rob. I received my copy, personalized, which was awesome and I wanted to see if I could order another copy with Rob’s name and your personalized touch. Fantastic book by the way!

-Blake A.

Jeff, wish you and Carrie a very Merry Christmas and I speak blessings to you both. Thank you so very much for your book, I am reading it and it is amazing. Our Lord has been showing me over and over to seek first the kingdom of God and then I found your book. Thanks for the keys, & I am sharing with my husband Glenn, so we can apply this to our life.

-Cynthia S.

I met you in NYC last month – I just wanted to let you know that I read the book from cover to cover, and really learned a lot from it. So thank you for putting a book out there that makes sense to people like me, a person who thought she would never make sense of finances!

This book is a great guide and I’ve been using the tools you’ve given within the context of the Bible. Thank you for opening my eyes to God walking alongside of me on this journey.

-Lisa I.

Jeff and Carrie,
You are a breath of fresh air. I have read Jeff’s book and really enjoyed it!! . I have passed it on to my wife Melissa, and asked her to read it and join me in asking God to join us in our financial world. Thank you so much!

-Gary G.

Hi Jeff, I met you at Borders at your book signing and I wish I had picked up 2-3 copies of your book! I am looking forward to reading the rest and making some changes in our finances. I will be in touch I am sure. I also signed up for your newsletter. Thanks so much for writing this book.

- Patricia B.