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About Jeff

The author Jeff Mendenhall is the president and CEO of Economic Destiny Institute. As an author, public speaker, trainer, and financial strategies consultant, his passion is to help people discover principle-centered finances and financial freedom.

In the early 1990s Jeff began working with software as a systems and support engineer at the Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington. His expertise in business and technology solutions combined with his desire to help people succeed in their finances became a powerful combination. This catapulted Jeff into the world of business and personal finance, where he spreads a message of financial hope via radio and television broadcasts that have reached tens of thousands. He can be heard weekly during Glenn Beck’s weekend radio show.

Jeff conducts workshops on financial literacy and implements financial solutions for businesses, churches and families across the country. His passion for restoring hope, faith, honor and economic stability to this great nation is unrivaled, and his cutting-edge tools for financial restoration are making a difference in the lives of countless people.

Jeff founded EDI Economic Destiny Institute in 2009, a financial coaching organization that educates individuals, businesses,  small groups and students on principal-centered financial